Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sky is Blue, the Sea is Blue

Today I made a little more progress on my own quilt. I stitched "Verona" over the boy, carefully removing about 100 pins as I went.

Then, the quilt came off the long arm machine, and into the bathroom.
Cold water, and gentle agitation for about 5 minutes removed all of the soluble Verona film.

A quick spin in the washing machine to remove excess moisture and then it is on the clothesline.
You can see that this will be a BIG quilt. (About 2.5m across and 2m high)

Here is a view of the back, showing some of the stitching. My other half said to me today: "How are you going to put the background in?" The answer is "I am not sure yet!" I think I will be able to attach large pieces of fabric - the background is quilt minimal. There will be some very intense quilting and some three dimensional "extras". Watch this space!


ChristineAbela said...

Wow! What an interesting way to build a quilt. Normally the FIRST thing you start with is the background. Not the last thing!

I look forward to seeing it progress.


PatchworkRose said...

I am wondering how many times this quilt will be washed before it is finished :-) Have not heard of the washing out as you go. Will be watching with interest.
Have a Great Christmas