Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bright boxes from Warrnambool

Bright boxes is the name of this quilt from Andrea at Warrnambool.  She asked for the budget leaf meander e2e pattern using a bright thread.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

From Star Wars to batiks

The first quilt was sent by Krystyna from Birkdale and is being quilted with the techno e2e machine quilting pattern to suit a boy.  The white and soft batik colour quilt is from Karen at Ipswich and is being quilted with the forever flower pattern.  Karen also asked for a quilt label.  Finally, Sandra from Cooks Hill, NSW, sent a hexagon star quilt, but here we are showing the effect of the frisky feathers pattern on the border fabric.

Monday, September 18, 2017

King size quilt from Glencoe

This king size quilt came from Jacqueline at Glencoe near Toowoomba and is being quilted with the belladonna e2e machine quilting pattern.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pair of quilts from Pittsworth

Both machines are underway today with 2 quilts from Coral at Pittsworth.  They are being quilts with budget e2e patterns.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Toowoomba quilt show starts today

Toowoomba Quilters Inc annual quilt exhibition starts today at the Salo Centre, Rome Street, just behind St Ursula's College.  KoolKat Quilting will again have a stall, but with a new look this year.  Just completed and on display for the first time is a range of hand-dyed fabrics made by Kathy of KoolKat.  Along with a range of her other hand-made items, plus completed quilts, machine quilting information and morning demonstration of Kathy's textile art skills, KoolKat again has an eye-catching display.

The quilt show runs all week and finishes early Friday afternoon.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Friday's quilts

The little cot quilt in the first photo was made by Vanessa from Cabarlah and is being quilted with the Budget leaf meander e2e pattern.  The pink "Sisters Forever" quilt was made by Shirley from Sherwood in Brisbane, as was the blue I Spy animal print quilt.  The pink quilt is being quilted with the Stars and Loops pattern and the blue quilt with the going bananas pattern.  The black piece of wholecloth is being quilted with the deb's feathers e2e for a KoolKat Quilting project .

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Quilts local and from the south west

The first four quilts were made by mother and daughter team Mabel and Debra from Toowoomba, and they chose from the budget range of e2e machine quilting patterns.  They also took us the September special on wadding, currently $18/m, normally $24/m for wool/poly and cotton wadding. The two night owl panels were sent by Barbara from St George and KoolKat chose the Stars and Loops pattern for these quilts destined for 2 little boys.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Quilts from Quilpie and a Quilt Journey

The pink quilt was made by Lynne from Meringandan and is part of the Quilt Journeys exhibition that is part of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers commencing this Saturday.  It has been quilted with the meandering leaves e2e pattern.  The two quilts on the quilting machines have been made using the same pattern by Janell from Quilpie - the pink quilt is being quilted with budget Deb's Swirls and the blue quilt with the loop-d-loop e2e pattern.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Home among the gumtees

This "Home among the gum trees" quilt is being quilted with the daisy chain e2e pattern and was made by Hilda from Mitchell.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

King size quilt with 6.000 plus pieces

This king size quilt has ben made from over 6,000 1 1/2 inch squares of fabric prices and was made by Amelia from Mermaid Waters.  It is being quilted with the Deb's Feathers e2e machine quilting pattern.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

KoolKat Spring Special!

KoolKat Spring Special

Spring is under way and the gardens in Toowoomba are blooming.  KoolKat is getting into the spirit of Spring with a great offer on backing and wadding during September. Wadding is just $18 a metre, normally $24.  That's 25% off!   And if you send two quilts, we'll give you the same offer on backings! ($27/m, normally $36/m, both quilts must be sent together as 1 order). Tell us you saw this offer when you place your order.  Starts now, must end Friday Sept 29.

Also starting today is Laidley Quilt Show and Kat of Kat's Creations is there with her hand-crafted items ranging from Amigurimi cats to quilts, pillows, place mats, table runners, diary and journal covers and much, much more.  Kat's ever popular rag rugs will be on display along with Kat's own pattern, rag rug making tools and starter kits.

And don't forget Toowoomba Quilters Inc annual quilt show during Carnival of Flowers week at the Salo Centre, Rome Street, Toowoomba behind St Ursula's College. Starts Saturday 16th and finishes Friday that week.

Kathy & Geoff Adams, KoolKat Quilting
PH 07 4696 8746, International (617) 4696 8746.

Mail: PO Box 18, Harlaxton, Q 4350
Studio: 7 Crestview Crescent, Blue Mountain Heights, Toowoomba, Q 4350.

Quilters! - 7 day e2e machine quilting.  Completed quilts returned free by Aust. Post with on-line tracking & insured to value of quilting.  Embroidered quilt labels, backings, wadding, original quilt patterns by Kathy Adams also available.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Quilts from the west to the coast

Sandy from Roma asked for the dragonflies e2e pattern done as close or intensive quilting on this child size bed quilt and accompanying pillow case.  Debby from Belivah sent us the first Christmas theme quilt we've received this year and we chose the holly berries e2e pattern to complement the pattern in the quilt fabric.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Large batik quilt

This large batik quilt was made by Linda from Toowoomba and Linda chose the alfresco e2e machine quilting pattern for her quilt.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Pillow cases to match bed quilt

These two pillow cases were sent by Norma from Springfield Lakes who requested the bountiful feathers e2e machine quilting pattern in a white thread.   The pillow cases match a bed quilt quilted previously by KoolKat Quilting

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Toowoomba Grain Storage and Handling and the Basil Fawlty public weighbrige experience

Today was a day of two firsts - my first experience of using a public weighbridge, and of receiving the worst service I have endured in Toowoomba in 14 years of living here.

Yesterday, (Wednesday 30/8) I looked up public weighbridges in Toowoomba region, having been advised by RACQ that this was how I should measure my combined vehicle and caravan weight.  Toowoomba Grain Storage and Handling advertises itself as the "cheapest in the region".  The lady I spoke to told me she was at the weighbridge until 3pm that day, the fee would be $10, the facility would be open 8-5 today and Friday, and I didn't need to book.

Once we arrived today I saw a green traffic light and drove onto the bridge.  We were on the bridge for at least a minute to check and note the reading on an electronic notice board.  The office attached to the weighbridge has quite dark tinted windows and there did not appear to be anyone present.  I noted a sign asking that if no-one was in attendance, to ring a certain number.

I then drove off the bridge, disconnected the van, and weighed the vehicle separately. Still no-one made their presence known.  The last time I was ever on a weighbridge, the office had a sliding glass window that was open, and a person clearly visible.

 I noted a second building nearby with a parked car.  I walked around this building, ascertained no-one was there, then went to the door of the weighbridge office.  A large dog came to the door - I did not see a person.  I do not attempt to open doors or gates when large dogs are on the other side.  They don't always bark.

The door was suddenly thrust open by a fair haired woman, obviously very angry.  I was subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse, but without bad language.

Apparently, I was supposed to have got out of the car once on the bridge, opened the office door to a building that appeared closed, or rung the phone number first.  This is despite the green traffic light suggesting it was OK to drive straight onto the bridge.

Had there been no-one in the office, I would rung the number, explained I had made two weighings, and offered to pay, as was clearly indicated by the action I took.

When I went to pay, I was told it would be $50 as I hadn't first got of my car. I told her that the lady I had spoken to yesterday, said $10, and that I would pay $20 for both weighings and no more.  More abuse followed including being told she  "wasn't here yesterday".

I do NOT appreciate being treated as potentially dishonest, especially by an office girl too lazy to make her presence known, and who did not allow for the fact that I was unaware of the required procedure.

As I said, I have NEVER been spoken to so rudely by any office person, shop assistant or business owner in Toowoomba since our time here.

Perhaps I should have noted that the cheapest service can sometimes be the nastiest, and behind the counter could lurk someone who has been to the Basil Fawlty school of business etiquette .

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

King size quilt from Roma

  The king size quilt below was delivered by Janette from Roma who asked for the Deb's Feathers e2e pattern on her quilt.  Toni from Toowoomba brought us the blue floral quilt and she asked for the paisley feather pattern on her quilt.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Local quilts

Lynette from Toowoomba brought these two quilts.  The pink quilt is being quilted with the roseleaves all over pattern and the purple quilt with the gossamer pattern.  The bottom quilt comes from Lyn at Withcott and it is being quilted with the budget Deb's Swirls pattern.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Local quiltier shows diversity in quilt making

Here are two quite different quilts made by Val from Prince Henry Heights in Toowoomba.  The brown quilt is being quilted with the daisy chain e2e machine quilting pattern and the bright Kaffe Fasset fabrics quilt with the circle meander pattern.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Two quilts from Warialda, NSW

Kerrie from Warialda brought us two large quilts today to be collected tomorrow afternoon for her trip home.  The green Japanese quilt is being quilted with the Budget Deb's Swirls e2e and the white and black quilt with the budget loop d loop e2e pattern.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Quilts from Brisbane to Roma

The Fairies in My Garden quilt has been made by Bev from Tarragindi and is being quilted with the jasmine e2e machine quilting pattern.  Sheeren from Raceview ordered a quilt label for her wedding gift quilt for nephew which is being quilted with the I Love It trailing hearts pattern.  Deb's Feathers was chosen as the pattern for this blue and white quilt made by Beth from Roma.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Everybody loves I Love It pattern

The first quilt is from Deanne from Table Top Estate and the second from Ros from Highfields - both chose the I Love It trailing hearts pattern, which is one of the favourite patterns chosen by our customers.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Range of quilts in today's lineup

The first two quilts were sent by Debby from Belivah, the circular applique quilt is being quilted with the cute curls e2e machine quilting pattern and the blue quilt with the apple blossom e2e. The next two quilts were delivered by Denise from Westbrook who chose the paisley feather pattern for the reindeer quilt and stars and loops for the small boy's quilt with the car panels.