Sunday, October 30, 2016

Frida and the Flowers

Quilting is normally thought of a fairly traditional, even conservative form of craft.  Every now and again, we receive a quilt that turns those pre-conceptions on their head.  This is the second arresting, colourful quilt we have received from Andrea at Warrnambool.  Andrea tells me these fabrics are from the Alexander Henry range.  The top side of the quilt is a Mexican Day of the Dead theme for the famous festival now being held in Mexico and South America, which also includes renowned artist Frida Kahlo de Rivera (played by Salma Hayek in the movie),  skulls, the Virgin Mary and lush foliage.  The backing for the quilt celebrates earthly pleasures with a feast of flesh and foliage.  Should this ever be hung in a quilt show, it will draw the viewer's attention like a magnet.  I leave it to the "Quilt Police" to judge if it is a "good quilt".  Good on you Andrea for being brave enough to make it and I hope your friend likes and appreciates your efforts.

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