Monday, July 25, 2016

Quotations vs estimates

Quotations vs estimates.
All prices given either by phone or in writing before a quilt is received and measured by KoolKat Quilting are estimates only.  As the pricing is based on the size of the quilt, no firm quote can be given until we measure your quilt.  Please note that unless you have specifically requested a written quote beforehand and request that we wait for your approval, we will  treat your quilt as an order and proceed without further consultation.  All information given by phone is advice only and is not a quotation.  KoolKat does not take responsibility for your understanding of our pricing structure based on telephone conversations only - we will on request, provide a written estimate based on your measurements given to us by phone or email, and this will account for all items in our pricing structure as an estimate only until we have seen your quilt.  All details of our pricing structure are available on this website.

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