Friday, April 08, 2016

KoolKat powered by the sun

 This week we replaced our 1kW solar PV system installed some years ago as part of the Qld Solar Homes Scheme.  We now have 24 panels producing up to 6kW, with a 5kW hybrid inverter and a 6.4kW battery backup system.  The aim is to replace our daytime usage with our own power (including electric hot water, which will now heat during peak daylight hours).   The battery backup comes on when the panels stop working late in the day, and should take care of most of our night-time needs.  We are not independent of the grid, and will still use some power during cloudy days or when Kathy is using her electric kiln to make ceramic sculptures.

The installation was done by Mick and Craig from    Their work is meticulous, and Mick made sure we understood how to use the system, especially the computer and iPhone app which lets us know what the system is doing (and how to find where the hungry energy users are in our household).

Installing racks for the panels

Loading panels for installation
One of 2 banks of 12 panels

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