Thursday, July 09, 2015

Today's quilts at KoolKat

The first quilt today is from Janell of Quilpie who adapted Kathy's Thoroughly Modern pattern from a workshop held with Quilpie Quilters Inc. in Quilpie last year..  She asked for the belladonna e2e machine quilting pattern on her quilt.  The second 2 cot quilts have been made by Kathy Adams as turns her stash into saleable quilts ahead of various quilt show stalls KoolKat will be holding later this year. The tow batik quilts are from Maria at Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane, and these are being quilted with the jasmine and fireflies e2e patterns.  The last quilt is from Jennine of Gayndah and has been quilted wit the daisy chain e2e pattern.

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