Sunday, December 15, 2013

The last home project for 2013

New shed should also add more shade to Kathy's workroom
 I don't know what it is about home projects - some years like this one seem to have been endlessly busy - I think it is to do with the "one-thing-leading-to-another" syndrome.  The caravan shed is a case in point - the roof went on this this morning the day before we fly to Hobart for our daughter's graduation from the School of Medicine, University of Tasmania.  The shed only became necessary because we traded the camper trailer for a caravan,.  We were told the van at its full height (nearly double the travelling height in these photos) would fit under our existing shed.  Well it might if half the van roof was lopped off. That led to the caravan shed, the contract for which was signed on October 30.  There were some different stories about how long the paperwork, concreting, etc would take, but all is forgiven now that we can actually get the van under cover during what can be the season for hail storms..  Geoff's contribution was the plumbing - instead of the stock standard downpipes to ground level, he constructed PVC downpipes with two 45 degree bends and a 1.0 m piece with large drain holes on the lower shed roof, that he hopes will distribute the flow from the additional 42 sq metre roof catchment using our existing shed gutters to catch the flow in our 45Kl tank storage system.  Although we have reticulated water, we prefer to be self-sufficient in rain water and use it as we choose, rather than be compelled to follow local council water restrictions.  It was also interesting to talk to the shed building contractors - some tips on which shed companies to avoid! (not the one we chose, fortunately).

Plenty of room to open new van to full height

New shed 4.5m at the highest point, changes our roof line

Geoff's plumbing - the builders didn't comment

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