Sunday, July 28, 2013

Michelle the medical student has a placement

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Daughter Michelle the medical student has received a first round offer of a placement at Royal Hobart Hospital for her intern year.  She has 1 round of orals plus an interview to go to complete this year, then followed by 8 weeks prac.  Her term starts next year as set out below.  Great sense of relief and a five year plus exhalation of breath by the parents and immediate family.

“Congratulations, we are very pleased to offer you a position as an Intern at the Royal Hobart Hospital on a fixed term, full time (76 hours per fortnight) basis for the period from Monday 06 January 2014 to Monday 12 January 2015.”

August update - orals successfully completed with 90% pass rate.

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Jane said...

Hooray, congratulations to Michelle,oh and the parents of course!a good place to do medicine.