Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Did you have a restful Easter?  Kathy decided the kitchen doors should be re-painted, which as she pointed out to Geoff, was cheaper than a kitchen renovation.  The doors were a cream colour, the cream long having passed its use-by date.  The doors are being sanded, undercoated, given a base coat of blue, then a "distress" finish appplied using a glue layer, then a final coat of white.  Our "distress finish" will come when we re-hang the doors.  Of course, it is raining, as it always does at Easter, as many thousands of campers will attest.  Not only does this slow down the painting work, it also chases Geoff off the roof as he attempts to install Leafstopper brand gutter guard.  Having used a cheap plastic insert gutter guard in the past, Geoff has learnt his lesson and is installing this product at around $12.50/m (excluding the trades-quality driver needed to install the self-tapping metal screws, etc, etc).  On Sunday we had a visit from Kathy's nephew John and family.  This was the first major outing for baby James, at less than 2 weeks.

 It will be good to go back to work for a rest.

"Sweet Baby James"

John, Natasha and James

Nicholas and Samantha watching the big screen

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