Friday, July 06, 2012

Cat tobogganing slope?

  Geoff tried to persuade Ginger Meggs that this was a tobogganing slope made just for him, but a disdainful look and a sedate inspection of Geoff's latest efforts in the steps project was all that the cat would manage.  This is the next part of the project - to plant the slope down to the magnificient Ribbonwood tree in the back corner of the property.  This is being done by chemically-killing the turf with glyphosate, than laying weedmat - two strips of 2 x 5m Netpro black weedmat (100g/sq.m.).  We will use groundcovers - some cut from succulents in our own garden and some bought from our local Sunday market.  We hope to finish the project by the time Geoff and daughter Michelle celebrate their 60:30 year, to held in Spring.

Kathy did some repair work on a quilt recently that went a little beyond the call of duty.  Praise doesn't come much more effusive than this;  "Thanks SO Much. You are a pair of darlings!!"  Geoff is still beaming.

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