Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crafty day at Crows Nest

Quilters busily cutting fabrics inspired by Kathy's sample quilts
 This week saw us returning to Crow's Nest, Queensland, 40km north of the KoolKat studio at Blue Mountain Heights.  This time we were guests of the Craft Nest Sewing Group, where 11 quilters took part in a "Scrap Happy" workshop.  A perfect winter day, warm in the sun, no wind, and a great time for the KoolKats to be out and about.  Kathy liked Crow's Nest so much she spent more than a few minutes quizzing locals about house prices and things to do in the town.  It really is a crafty little community, with a cooperative artists gallery and many other attractions.
Kathy preparing the KoolKat display in St Matthew's Hall, Crow's Nest.

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