Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Latest Bali Pop 3 range of pre-cuts now available

The Bali Pop 3 range has just arrived! It's been a long wait but worth it. Just have a look at the fabulous new colours. As with the previous colours, these are packs of pre-cut fabric strip 44 x 2 1/2 inches in 40 fabulous colours. There are six different colour ranges - Sangria (russet and pale blue tones), Mango Margarita (bright limes, oranges and blues), Grasshopper (soft greens and purples), Pink Lemonade (pinks and lilacs), Blue Hawaiian (darker greens, blues and purples), and Zinfandel (lilacs and purples).

Kathy's verdict when she opened the box - "much nicer than the last series." Stock is limited, and re-orders can be problematic. We also find the colour ranges seem to change about every 12 months and stock from a previous range is all but impossible to get. Go to the home page of our website for look at the new colours.


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