Monday, March 07, 2011

Heard this one while we were out and about......

Parts of the Darling Downs in southern and SW Queensland were flooded two or more times in recent months.  One quilter has her quilt room downstairs in a separate building to the family high-set dwelling.  When the first flood arrived husband and son dutifully carried boxes and equipment up the long set of stairs and stored the quilting valuables up on top of cupboards and so on.  All the said items were then carted downstairs after the flood receded.  When the flood came the second time, the males complained about shifting all the quilting gear a second time. 

"Just leave it," said the quilter, "I don't care."  "Are you sure," she was asked.  "Yes, if anything gets damaged, I'll just have to replace it." 

DH swiftly replied, "Don't you worry love, come on son, we'll get this moved in no time..."

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