Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Bali Rainbow

It has been a busy month with Kathy starting her studio classes and Geoff quilting over 2 dozen charity quilts for flood victims on behalf of Toowoomba quilt club and local fabric shop The Quilter's Angel. But there's been time for new products.

We've just received a delivery of long awaited Bali fabrics that Kathy has made up into pre-cuts of 40 strips 2 1/2 inches by 40 inches.  These pack teamed with background or border fabrics make up many of Kathy's designs.  See for more information.

We're about to head off out to Charleville, Mitchell and Roma on the start of our extensive program of visiting quilting groups in the region this year.  Kathy will be presenting her "Scrap Happy" workshop where she will show you how to turn the bits and pieces in your stash into pieced quilts.  We will be bringing our fabric cutter which can make apple cores, robbing Peter to pay Paul and and many other cut pieces to create instant easy-to-make projects.  If you are part of a quilting group and aren't already on our visiting schedule, please contact us, we'd love to come and meet you.

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