Monday, September 13, 2010

Bali Butterfly variations from Liane

Recently Liane from Wandoan sent Kathy some photos of her latest variations on Kathy's Bali Butterfly pattern.  Liane previously did a King Size quilt version of the Bali Butterfly.

"Hi Kathy, just a quick note to say I am still exploring the butterfly theme. A purple butterfly in a field of flowers is the latest. It is designed as a wrap or for the back of a couch rather than a bed. I have been asked how I can do the same pattern so many times. They are all different. Even the current pink one will be different enough to be interesting, although not what I would make for myself. For the purple (and pink) I used most of a Victorian Textiles "Rainbows" pack plus lots of other co-ordinating colours."

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