Monday, July 19, 2010

Gather Ye Rosebuds goes to Brisbane Quilt Show!

This is a big thrill for me!  Audrey emailed me today to tell me she has completed my Gather Ye Rosebuds pattern and intends to enter it in the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Show in October.  It is always gratifying to see my designs come to life and a special thrill to see this quilt entered into a State quilt competition.  Gather Ye Rosebuds will always be a special quilt to me - I first did a version of this design in stained glass which is installed downstairs in a house we once owned in Brisbane, 20 years ago (The stained glass window version was based on the original design by Alex Gasocyne circa 1910).   Now someone has thought enough of it to enter into a State quilt competition!

Audrey apologises that she couldn't fit all the quilt in the picture.


pirate said...

You designed "Gather Ye Rosebuds"?? oh my gosh .. I did that as a counted cross-stitch about 50 million years ago! I *think* it was a Dimensions kit; that'll tell you just how long ago it was. :-)

Lovely, lovely design.

koolkatquilting said...

Thank you for that kind comment. I owe the original design concept to Alex Gascoyne, who created it for a stained glass window around 1906. That design has been taken on board by modern day designers for craft purposes. I loved it so muich I just had to turn it into a quilt design. It took me over 200 hours to get this design to a publishable standard - much longer than it took me to make the first quilt sample! It has been so exciting to see quilters making this beautiful design into their own quilt! Kathy