Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sydney Quilt Show and The Round Ball Game

The quilts at Sydney Craft and Quilt Show were simply amazing.  Sorry I can't show any of those without permission of the owners, but they are up on other sites such as the NSW Quilters Guild.  We had a good show, but after 5 days on our feet and a 12 hour drive home, we are still recovering. Thanks to Linda Nicastri of Horsley Patch for helping out - we wouldn't have survived without you!  One of our abiding memories is leaving Darling Harbour in the early morning rain and going past the FIFA area with the big screens for watching the World Cup.  The handfull of people and the forlorn look of the site at 5am seemed to sum up Australia's chances.  There's always New Zealand to follow this year. Better luck in 2014!

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Sue said...

hi kathy, glad sydney was such a success x love sue