Friday, March 19, 2010

It's the Studio, not a glamour shot!

Here's an unglamourous shot of the quilter surveying her new domain. While the work isn't yet finished, at least the trades-people have left and we can get on with the painting, putting up the picture rail (to hang quilts from, etc). This is our former 12 x 6 m steel shed - the bench at the back is a former workbench now converted to a lovely clean workspace. Similarly, the set of pine shelves on the RHS once were covered with Geoff's tools including a leaking grease-gun - they have been cleaned, painted with polyurethane, and covered with vinyl. We now know not to use too much glue, you can't rid of the air-bubbles.

This will be Kathy's new creative area - our smallest Statler will go in this space, along with a fabric cutter, embroidery machine and sewing machine. There will be room for visitors, but more of that later. We planned this project before Christmas, and by the time the trades-people arrived (mid-Feb) and the drought broke, we are still going a month and a half later. Still, its nearly done, and typically we've discovered muscles we'd forgotten we had, gained skills that we could perfect if only we could start again. And where did Geoff's stuff go? - into a much smaller space under a skillion roof attached to Kathy's studio.

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Nancy said...

You are so lucky to have such a big space!