Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Sky is Blue The Sea is Blue

This morning I did the final touches required before the quilt goes back onto the long arm quilting machine. I screen printed the short poem I wrote, and then I overprinted it to make the colours a little darker. I offset the print so it has a small drop shadow. I liked how that turned out, even though it was unexpected.
The quilting stitches will create blending of areas through the use of coloured threads. At this point I have decided I will add a new pieced back, including all the fabrics from the quilt, another copy of the screen print, and the story of the quilt. All of the quilting stitches hence will be visible on the back.

This is where I am up to today. The screen printing, shadow work, backgrounds, and sand in the boy's hand have all been added.

Yesday I hand basted the additional background pieces ready for stitching on the machine.

The sand in the boy's hand was created using some transparent organza. I have the orginal photo to compare as I cut the material freehand.

The overall result is quite minimalistic, which is what I wanted. There will be quite a lage space of sand on the right middle ground. This is where I hope the viewer might imagine themselves joining into and being a part of the picture.

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Hetty said...

So great to see you getting back to this.
It is looking great!