Friday, June 20, 2008

The "Obsessions" Exhibition

This one is called "Bali Twist" and features embroidered details taken from the fabric design.
This is "Sabah Samba" - all Mayalsian fabrics

"Malaysia Merdeka" (Malaysia Freedom - this is a national holiday in Malaysia when everyone decorates their car, house, building with Malaysian flags to celebrate their independence)

A detail from "Bali Twist"
This one is called "Bali Bountiful" and it used Bali sarong fabrics. It reminds me of a joyful boat ride over the waves.

Here are some photos I took of my four king size quilts just before taking them into the Feather and Lawrey Gallery, Russell St, Toowoomba. There are part of the "Obsessions" exhibition, held in conjunction with Hetty van Boven and Sharon van Boven.
My theme was "East Meets West" and I had given myself the challenge of making four large quilts using Bali and Malaysian fabrics. I enjoyed every minute of making these and apart from a little pressure towards the loooming deadline, it all went well! The exhibition runs until July 12th.

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