Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Toowoomba Grain Storage and Handling and the Basil Fawlty public weighbrige experience

Today was a day of two firsts - my first experience of using a public weighbridge, and of receiving the worst service I have endured in Toowoomba in 14 years of living here.

Yesterday, (Wednesday 30/8) I looked up public weighbridges in Toowoomba region, having been advised by RACQ that this was how I should measure my combined vehicle and caravan weight.  Toowoomba Grain Storage and Handling advertises itself as the "cheapest in the region".  The lady I spoke to told me she was at the weighbridge until 3pm that day, the fee would be $10, the facility would be open 8-5 today and Friday, and I didn't need to book.

Once we arrived today I saw a green traffic light and drove onto the bridge.  We were on the bridge for at least a minute to check and note the reading on an electronic notice board.  The office attached to the weighbridge has quite dark tinted windows and there did not appear to be anyone present.  I noted a sign asking that if no-one was in attendance, to ring a certain number.

I then drove off the bridge, disconnected the van, and weighed the vehicle separately. Still no-one made their presence known.  The last time I was ever on a weighbridge, the office had a sliding glass window that was open, and a person clearly visible.

 I noted a second building nearby with a parked car.  I walked around this building, ascertained no-one was there, then went to the door of the weighbridge office.  A large dog came to the door - I did not see a person.  I do not attempt to open doors or gates when large dogs are on the other side.  They don't always bark.

The door was suddenly thrust open by a fair haired woman, obviously very angry.  I was subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse, but without bad language.

Apparently, I was supposed to have got out of the car once on the bridge, opened the office door to a building that appeared closed, or rung the phone number first.  This is despite the green traffic light suggesting it was OK to drive straight onto the bridge.

Had there been no-one in the office, I would rung the number, explained I had made two weighings, and offered to pay, as was clearly indicated by the action I took.

When I went to pay, I was told it would be $50 as I hadn't first got of my car. I told her that the lady I had spoken to yesterday, said $10, and that I would pay $20 for both weighings and no more.  More abuse followed including being told she  "wasn't here yesterday".

I do NOT appreciate being treated as potentially dishonest, especially by an office girl too lazy to make her presence known, and who did not allow for the fact that I was unaware of the required procedure.

As I said, I have NEVER been spoken to so rudely by any office person, shop assistant or business owner in Toowoomba since our time here.

Perhaps I should have noted that the cheapest service can sometimes be the nastiest, and behind the counter could lurk someone who has been to the Basil Fawlty school of business etiquette .

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Mrs Wooding said...

Wow, this is so disappointing for you! I'm so sorry that happened :(

In these situations, you need to keep your head held high & remember you were doing the right thing as you saw it, and that she was probably having a bad day & you were convenient. Good luck for better service in future :)

I also live in the Toowoomba region & am looking for a weighbridge in the near future... reviews matter!