Thursday, March 30, 2017

Last day of March Madness quilting offer

Today is the last day of the March Madness quilting off, and this last week has been quite mad with 1 machine down (now fixed) and a flood of quilts to match the cyclone (Debbie).  Thank you everyone, despite one machine down, Ergon kept the power on and we met our service standard of completing quilts in 24-48 hours.  Here are some of this week's arrivals - 6 from Bronwen of Highfields (her 3rd visit - lost count of how may quilts) and two from Delma.

Our Freepost number is now cancelled as previously advised, but we still provide free return post for quilts Australia-wide.  We encourage customers to use the order form on the home page at and advise that the old site of is no longer being maintained and will soon be taken down.  Similarly please note the current email address of, the old address of is discontinued.

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