Sunday, May 08, 2016

KoolKat studio closed next month

The KoolKats will be away for most of next month.  The last day to receive quilts will be May 30.  We leave June 2 and expect to be back around Monday 20.  We have a workshop in Eulo on June 4, after which we intend to do some travelling in our van.  Some of this will be in remote country and we will be out of reach of phone and email communication.  Our mail will be collected during that period and if you wish to send a quilt, it will be collected and stored safely pending our return.

Bookings are starting to flow for "The Parrot Hilton".  The Parrot Hilton has been named for the wonderful array of parrots and lorikeets that visit our 2 acre refuge just minutes away from Toowoomba and Highfields.  We have a 5 bedroom house, and only use half of it.  The West Wing, at Our Parrot Hilton, which can also be found on AirBnB. The tariff is just $55 per night for 2 people, and $20 for each extra person (maximum 4 people).  A basic continental breakfast is included.


 Kathy & Geoff Adams, KoolKat Quilting
PH 07 4696 8746, International (617) 4696 8746.

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