Thursday, July 23, 2015

KoolKat Customer Satisfaction Survey July 2015

Thank you all who replied.  The survey has now closed.

KoolKat Quilting customer survey July 2015 - summary of results

A 10 question survey was distributed to KoolKat Quilting’s list of email newsletter recipients in late July 2015.  Just over 40 responses were received, and while the sample size is small, the trends emerged early and did not alter significantly during the period that the survey was made available on the website
As this list contains all customers, some of whom may have bought a pattern or fabric only and not engaged our machine quilting service, the first question aimed to sort this group. 

Q2 asked for the respondent’s location, and the survey results are reflective of the location of our customers.

Q3 asked when the last quilt was machine quilted by KoolKat Quilting, and this showed 4 in 10 had a quilt done this year and 4 in 10 either last year or the year before. One in 10 either could not remember or had never had a quilt done by us.
Q4 asked that if no quilt had been done this year, why?  Almost 1 in 3 said they did not have any quilt tops ready for quilting, but just over 1 in 3 said they had either gone to another quilter, did their own or couldn’t afford the service.  Just under 1 in 10 signalled they had stopped quilting, but this may be closer to 1 in 10 as 1 respondent said in a comment, that they were stopping after having 2 done this year by us.

Q5 how our service standards rate.  Nearly 6 in 10 said KoolKat Quilting was much better than our competition, and overall 8 in 10 said we were better.  Just under 1 in 10 rated us the same as the competition, and 1 in 10 said we were worse. 
Q6  how our price level rates.  We are considered much more reasonable in price by 2 in 10, while half of the respondents said we were more reasonable.  Almost a quarter said our price was the same, and just over a quarter said our prices were less reasonable.  However, no-one said “much less reasonable”, which is the opposite end of the scale to the “much more reasonable” result.

Q7 what customers like about KoolKat.  Almost 100% said speed of service, while quality and friendliness received a positive rating by more than 7 in 10 respondents.  One in 3 rated price as competitive.  All options in this question which we consider to be the positive aspects of our service received positive ratings.
Q8 what customers dislike about KoolKat Quilting.  Three in 10 disliked the lack of custom quilting, 2 in 10 disliked the cost of machine quilting.  Nearly half made comments -  all bar one were positive.

Q9 website – generally this was viewed favourably, but few are using the quilt order forms introduced this year.  One person made some informed comments about website construction, which will be reviewed.

Q10 Suggestions.  Seven in 10 said lower prices, 3 in 10 said offer a customer quilting service, and 3 in 10 lower prices for backing and wadding.  Half the respondents made comments.

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