Friday, March 06, 2015

Bali Butterfly celebrates fourth birthday

Bali Butterfly - posted

For a pattern designed in a weekend as occupational therapy while Geoff and a friend went camping, Bali Butterfly has proved to be Kathy Adams's most popular pattern during her decade of experience as a quilt pattern designer. Several hundred Bali Butterflies have winged their way to many parts of the world, especially in the US and also have swarmed throughout Australia.  It is purchased regularly by quilt shops and distributors.  Kathy has taught classes in this pattern throughout western and south western Queensland, while it has been purchased in bulk by quilt instructors as far north as Bali and Mount Isa down to northern NSW.  It has also featured in quilting retreats in Bali. The pattern has been made in many colour combinations and sizes.  One particular fan of this pattern has made it several times, including one king size quilt where the design was used as the centre panel.  Happy birthday Bali Butterfly, the pages of this blog testify to Kathy's very inspired weekend some years ago!   Thank you all those who love this pattern and it is still part of Kathy's teaching program.

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koolkatquilting said...

Dear Kathy and Geoff

Congratulations on the continuing success of "Bali Butterfly" - long may they flutter out your door.

Missing you both and our Thursday get-togethers.

Deborah, Toowoomba