Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"You did a totally awesome job...."

Today is a day for remembering how many wonderful quilters there are out in the quilting world.  We received this today in the post, just when we needed it "You did a totally awesome job on my last quilt, was blown away with how quick you were so I have another one for edge-to-edge...".  We choose to remember the many supportive comments while dealing promptly with, and learning from,
the occasional critical ones. 

Today's quilts come from Mitchell and Emerald, Qld. The oriental quilt comes from Pat at Mitchell and we are quilting this with a simple design at her request - Apple Blossom e2e machine quilting pattern designed by Hermione Agee.  White Caribbean backing and wool poly wadding supplied by KoolKat Quilting.  The bottom quilt is from Sue at Emerald, Qld and is being quilted with the Alfresco e2e machine quilting pattern, also designed by Hermione.

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