Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grumpy-Wallahs enjoy a taste of India

GOMA became Grumpy Wallahs for a day and enjoyed "A Taste of India" hosted by Ann at her home on 26acres at Pine Mountain near Ipswich.  Ann served tiffin and contrasted her experience of travelling through India in the mid-70s with the 2007 book "Planet India" by Mira Kamdar.  Tiffin was followed by a delicious biryani, cooling yoghurt and naan bread accompanied by a pink Moscato of which the drivers among the group had a wine tasting sample only.  Another great day, the benchmark is now set even higher, and we wait to see what Sir Les of Bleak House will have in store for us next month.
Tiffin for the GOMAs

The Ancient One listens attentively

Sir Les contemplates the points Ann is making

R2E about to pose a question

Ann serves our Indian feast

Neil proves he knows how to wash up

Using this outhouse was not compulsory

The Ancient One makes a new friend

Ann's enormous dogs were friendly (but kept a wary eye on us intruders)

Leave some water in the trough for the livestock, dog.

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