Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Quilpie at last!

Our final leg of the KoolKat Western Workshop Tour was Quilpie - our first visit to this lively quilting community.  Whilst there, we took in the sights and visited Baldy Top, did the Bulloo River Walk and drove out to Lake Houdraman.
Spas, Channel Country Caravan Park

Galvanised iron clad dwelling

Former hotel, now accommodation only

Plentiful use made of artesian water, the only way to grow a lawn.

Corn beef, white sauce and damper cakes

Mobile services a common feature in outback towns

Opal altar, St Finbarr's chruch

Bulloo River

Lake Houdraman

Quilpie is the end of the line.  When the rail reached Quilpie instead of Adavale, Quilpie grew and Adavale declined.

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Annette said...

Thanks for sharing beautiful photos from the wonderful outback.......areas I will never experience but love photos that people like you share......thank you!