Monday, March 17, 2014

Indigo Shop Sample quilt at KoolKat Quilting

  This is the latest shop sample from our good friends Sue and Colleen at currently on the Gammill-Statler Supreme at KoolKat Quilting.  It is being quilted in a Hermione Agee pattern, Nautilus, in a dark navy thread.  Indigo Niche is also re-releasing the Kasuri Kombo pattern in slightly new colours.  This pattern is originally Kathy's Slices of Spice pattern re-badged to suit the fabrics stocked by Indigo Niche.  The sample was photographed in the KoolKat studio using our Canon 6D and studio lights.  KoolKat offers this re-badging service to any quilt shop wishing to make up a KoolKat pattern in their own fabric range free of charge (subject to minimum pattern order).

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