Monday, October 21, 2013

Cate's kids give calico bags the sack

KoolKat's machine quilting customers will know that their finished quilts are returned in a calico quilt bag.  Cate from Sydney writes "I am busy with three kids, I love the ease of posting it and having it delivered home - I don't have to fit in 2 trips to a quilter's house to drop off and pick up.  I am really happy with the quilting choices you've made, and I love the bag the quilt comes home in (I have actually turned 3 of the bags into Santa sacks for my kids...."

Thanks for the photo, Cate.


ShaunaArt said...

Great idea Kathy, those calico bags would be useful for so many things. much better than returning a quilt in a plastic bag.

ShaunaArt said...

great idea Kathy, so useful to have a bag of that size and much better than plastic.