Friday, March 08, 2013

Our Spring Has Sprung

Spring bubbling out from bottom of our sloping front garden

Rubble drain overlying slotted rain pipe following edge of front path

Recycling a disused stormwater pipe to drain our spring - car-port in background
We never thought we would see the day when our yard would have its very own spring.  But that is what has happened at the front of our house facing the street.  Ours is a "cut & fill" block with the house on a concrete slab placed on a level pad cut out from from a sloping block.  After the January 2011 floods which devastated the CBD of Toowoomba, we suffered minor damage which led to Geoff installing to rubble drains with slotted drain pipe ("ag pipe" ) at the base.  We have had a problem with ponding in the front of the house as the concrete slab in the car-port is higher than the grassed area.  However, the water has always quickly disappeared.  Not after nearly 3 weeks of rain and overcast skies it doesn't.  Indeed, now we have a spring coming from the base of the cut area on the front side of the house, and we have spent 2 solid days digging another rubble drain and laying ag pipe to take the water underneath the driveway and down the slope of the back yard.  We also made use of a disused storm-water drain to help with this.

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