Friday, January 04, 2013

The Republic of Woodfordia

We camped from Christmas Day until Wednesday Jan 3 to take in the whole 6 days of Woodford Folk Festival.  When entering the festival one visits the Republic of Woodfordia, which for most of looks likes a set with players from Carnivale.  Here are some of Geoff's picks from the 1000 photos he took during the festival.  Some people just see the world through a lens.  As Woodford is such a large and diverse event, everyone's experience is different.  Geoff was mainly interested in blues music, while Kathy also took in some workshops.  Kathy was also a volunteer - an S Bend Warrior.  We'll leave it up to your imagination to work out what that might entail. Geoff was a conscript for the same activity.
High 10
Protest against Coal Seam Gas mining
Butterflies to promote Woodford tree planting
Two Rivers Blues
Jimmy Willing
Bertie Page with Jimmy Willing

Bob Abbott and the Green Machine

Siskin River

Siskin River duo

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