Saturday, December 22, 2012

Short break at the Bunya Mountains

Late afternoon wallabies grazing
We have just returned from a short break at the Bunya Mountains where the South Burnett meets the Darling Downs region in southern Queensland.  It is a national park and famous for Bunya Pines and for abundant and friendly birds, especially if  bird seed is on the menu.  We stayed at Ringtail Lodge where Kathy was earlier this year with some of the Thursday KoolKats for a quilting retreat.  Apart from indulging in something sparkling at sunset, we also did some walks including the track to Mt Kiangarow, noted for grass trees.

Crimson Rosella waiting for King Parrots to leave the feeding dish
Pair of male King Parrots

Making new friends

Looking out from Ringtail Lodge

Ringtail Lodge - very inviting

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