Sunday, November 04, 2012

Garden continues to bloom

Kathy's "A Year in My Garden" quilt has won equal second place in the Viewer's Choice section of last month's Queensland State quilt show.  This quilt was previously awarded Viewer's Choice winner at Toowoomba Quilt Show in September.  You can see the winners on the Queensland Quilters Inc. website here.  There are more photos of the quillt in earlier posts on this blog.

"A Year in My Garden" may be the last large size quilt for a while as Kathy has sold the smallest of the 3 KoolKat Quilting Statler machines and purchased a new Sweet Sixteen.  She is busy turning out art quilt pieces and enjoying Sweet Sixteen's ability to handle with ease a wide range of sewing thread types.  Kathy has also booked herself into a quilting retreat with Wacky Jacky (Jacky Wyatt) in Bali in May next year. Some of you may have seen Wacky Jacky's stand at Brisbane Stitches and Craft last month.  If you would like to see Jacky's great range of batiks and find out more about her quilt retreats, click here.

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