Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A renewed gardening effort

Our new vege garden
Here is our renewed effort at successfuly growing vegetables.  While we have made sporadic attempts in the past withsome success, we usually find the bugs and the birds harvest more than we do.  The latest culprit is the King Parrot - this beautiful bird which we have encouraged to feed close to the house by providing bird feeders - has rewarded us by tucking into our latest crop  of tomatoes.  So we thought we might make a renewed assault on the problem by copying what others have done with raised garden beds.  We had some spare roofing iron left over from another project and Geoff discovered the attributes of the Irwin Falcon Nibbler, which made short work of cutting roofing sheets lengthways.  At the end of a day's work, cutting, grinding, bolting, etc, we produced the metal rectagle which we dropped into place over a previous garden bed.  Soil from the stairs project, 2 compost bin loads and 2 metres of garden topsoil, and voila.  Next day we hobbled up to the front yard to survey our handiwork. Our new bed is 5.5 x 1.7 metres and 400mm high, and incorporates a recycled drip feeder system from another project.  To finish it off, we will run wire through the top holes of the star pickets and then hang bird netting.  Hopefully this will prevent our latest vegie growing project from becoming a salad bar at the Parrot Hilton. Cost of the vegies from this project? Put it this way, they will be gold-plated.
How to make short work of cutting roofing iron

King Parrots have a voracious appetite for fruit

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