Monday, August 06, 2012

Lone National Park and Lake Nuga Nuga, Central Queensland

We have just returned from 4 days at Lonesome and Lake Nuga Nuga national parks in Queensland's central sandstone belt.  These parks are N.E. of Injune.  These parks are a day's travel from Toowoomba, but one of the few places left where you can be the only campers.

Cormorant calling at Lake Nuga Nuga

Pied Butcher Bird

Wader at Lake Nuga Nuga

Overlooking Aracdia Valley

Firelight and full moon

Sunset Lake Nuga Nuga

Last light at sunset

Lake Nuga Nuga

Sunrise Lake Nuga Nuga

Dawn patrol - crossing shallow waterway at Lake Nuga Nuga

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