Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick-set Jelly quilts

It has been busy, busy, busy for Kathy and Geoff at KoolKat Quilting. Geoff has now completed his first 12 months full-time working at KoolKat and he says he's enjoying the experience. Having some help in the quilt room has meant Kathy has had time to pursue her love of design. Several quilt patterns have emerged so far, with Quick-set Jelly (above) being one of these. However, it takes some time before the designer sees the final result - completed quilts made by customers returning to KoolKat for quilting. Just this past week, three Quick-set Jelly quilts came back to us. Sharon (left) and Paula (centre) used a Hoffman's Bali Pop which is the equivalent of a jelly roll of fabric to make their quilts. The bali pops are available from KoolKat or most quilt and fabric suppliers. The right hand side quilt was made by Coolum Quilters after a visit by KoolKat to their club where we presented a quilt voucher to the club as a way of saying thank you for our visit.

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