Thursday, August 02, 2007

Doing the Hard Yards

Why is it that creativity requires so much discipline? I've been racking my brains to work this out for yonks! I guess creating art is like all the tough things in life - saving money, losing weight, becoming fit, playing a musical instrument. And that explains why so few people really achieve a lot in these areas. It is not a quick fix, you can't take a pill for it and it takes steady slow and regular effort. All of which I have not been doing.

But I think I can get back on it again. That is a good thing about all of the above. It is never too late to start and it is never to late a reap a benefit for effort put in.

What I did was create a timetable for my week. The first three days are the days where I do the things I need to do for income. I work hard those days, very hard. Every week day between 7am and 9am I work on my designing on the computer ready for publication of my work. If you think you want to design and publish something, think of the time you think it might take and then multiply by a hundred! I think initially much of the time goes on creating a system that works for you. There are many road blocks and dead ends until it starts to gel. After that, it gets easier. Rewrites are still a possibility, but they don't take as long.

Discipline - I think all that really means is to quote Woody Allen - just "showing up". I made myself sit at the computer for those two hours this morning and it began to happen. If we made ourselves go to the studio or sewing room for a set time that would happen too.

It meant for me, leaving the breakfast dishes in the sink til smoko time. Who cares! I did, however, have a shower straight after our early morning walk and I will keep doing that otherwise I will be sitting here feeling very unwashed when my customers start arriving for the day. So - it is a little more than just showing up. Be showered, dressed and preferably made up for the day. I am not made up, but that is OK as I don't have anyone coming before 10am.

Also - do we really allow enough time for family, shopping, cleaning etc. I decided that I would no longer commit myself to any evening activities, including making myself sew or design at night. If I feel like it, I can. Instead I have given myself one whole day for creative activity, plus the weekend daylight hours. This will work, because I will have cleaned the house (yippee) on Friday, which is today. All of Friday is for household chores and shopping, except the morning, when I still do the 2 hours on the computer, designing.

Enough of that. Here are some photos of a mega huge quilt I have stared making. It is inspired by the Neil Young song: "I am a child, I'll last a while.....the sky is blue and so is the sea...." There is a photo, a modified image, and the pre-quilted canvas on which is attached some early pieced sections. (The hat of the little girl).

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Ferret said...

I like this image, it will make a stunning quilt. How do you do the processing to get the white lines on the posterization? That looks like it could be quite helpful when scaling things up a lot.