Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Idea on the go

No, it's not an alien cat! I am in the process of creating shapes to correspond with the original photo of Anna, one of the spoiled ones. The bottom picture shows how I am drawing the shapes, the eyes and nose and a couple of other areas are shaded in.

The top picture shows the design thus far with the photo removed. What I will be doing is add layers which will represent pieces of fabric. I've decided that the technique for this one will be a raw edge, sewn around just inside the edge, then the back cut away, before attaching the next layer. this will reduce the bulk. By using large tonal shapes, this will be much quicker to make than lots of individual pieces, This quilt will be big - A0 sized, over a metre in height and over 80cm wide. A very scary large cat with eyes that follow you round the room!

Long way to go yet with the design.


Twila Grace said...

Love your cat! I have cats, too, and they love to claim my quilts, finished or unfinished! I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt you're designing of the cat.

sandra wyman said...

Love the cat. I have a white cat too who is totally mad and very spoilt! Also camera-shy - no photos of him as yet on my blog