Wednesday, February 28, 2007

William Morris - "The Strawberry Thief"

This is a little quilt I am almost finished. It was designed by Michelle Hill, Adelaide Australia. I decided to try a "pre-quilting" method with this quilt. I made the complete quilt, crasshatched it, and did the bindings - all before I applied the applique.
The pre-quilting technique was great, no problems applying the applique, but I decided I would have to do the blanket stitch around the shapes by hand and not machine as I had planned. Even though it was a small quilt, the constant turning around and around in the machine with the extra bulk of the batting made it impossible.
I have this rule about new techniques - try it for 5 minutes - if it is a pain to do - STOP and THINK - and do something else. Works fine and leaves me with fewer grey hairs!


Rose Marie said...

Love your hanging! I appliqued stars onto a lap quilt after it was machine quilted and found that it was a bit bulky to do as well. I'll do it again, though.

CarmiƱa said...

It's a lovely litle quilt, you'll have it made soon, it looks very nice

shauna said...

I like the idea of doing the machine bit, finishing , then having some hand applique to do infront of the TV. Easier to quilt background first rather than go around the shapes.