Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's on the longarm today?

This is a lovely applique quilt designed by Lynette Anderson
My customer, Jeanette has made this for a grandchild.

An edge-to-edge pattern was stitched on the computerised Statler Stitcher. The pattern blended well into the backgound, and as this quilt will be loved, used and washed frequently, this was a practical choice for quilting.

Watch this blog for regular updates of quilting from the Statler (computerised) and Gammill hand-guided machine.

The original quilt - "Where will I be" is still happening - the fabrics are on order and I have acquired some gorgeous silks as well. Hope to make more progress soon!

The quilt that I made at McGregor Summer School will go into the Sydney quilt show, if accespted.

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