Monday, February 19, 2007

This is another Art Nouveau Design I am working on. It will become a "block of the month" design which can be easily quilted "as-you-go". The centre panel is being adapted from a Mucha design from a copyright free source. The outer panels will feature flowers: eg lilly, rose, nasturtium. It will be constructed with a heavily quilted raw-edge technique.
The technique I am using involves Corel Draw, using shapes to correspond to those of a scanned image. This is slow and tedious, but ensures a crisp outline for a final pattern, scaleable to any size. You can see how it progresses. the fill colours are only to give an idea of tonal value, and may not resemble the finished quilt at all.

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Hetty said...

Love this design, Kathy. I definitely share your love for all things Art Nouveau!