Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today I spent a couple more hours working on the design on computer. I added the lamp, the light and the book, open at page 43. I then inserted a textured background and the door also in the background, open.
It's hard to decide how big to make the quilt. I designed it for maximum impact measuring 2.2m x 2.8m. This means that each of the nine panels will be 60 x 80 cms. this is OK, but there will need to be a lot of texture, detail and interest in each panel to make it work. I will cut out from a larger sheet of paper to see how this will look - maybe print out the face to look at the scale and see if that is the size I want to work with. At this stage everything is flexible.
I also worked out some yardages required to make the window frame. Once the basic design lines are worked out I can actually construct the quilt as an "attic window" design with some detail in the background blocks. Then I will make up the quilt sandwich and go from there.


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Hi Kathy. I have set up a blog - sptextileart - no photos yet.

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