Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is a new quilt design I have started working on. I am designing it fully on computer prior to stitching it out. Why? I can print out patterns to scale, and I can get huge A0 patterns done by my bureau. Makes it so easy.

Today I am posting the first draft - this only gives a really rough idea of the shapes, concept and theme. The quilt is inspired by my memories associated with music I used to listen to in the 70s. The lyrics of the songs are very deep and meaningful (or so I thought, back then.) I don't want to name the music source for copyright reasons, but there are clues in the title of the quilt: "Where Will I be" and in the objects which will appear in the design.

This quilt will be huge. 2.5m x2.9m. I won't even be able to hang it in our house as the ceilings are low. Never mind - it will be a good exhibition piece! If you are looking at this quilt in progress, please leave comments - I will consider your design suggestions as I go!

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