Monday, January 15, 2007

Summer School at McGregor College at Uni in Toowoomba was great! Had 10 days of wonderful quilting with Wendy Scott. In that time I was able to turn one of my ideas into an original quilt "Many Coloured Beast", which is one of four I want to do inspired by lyrics of music from the '70s.

"The Many Coloured Beast" (Close-up)
Full view, after quilting before binding was attached.

In the early stages, showing curved piecing

Wendy Scott, from Newcastle Australia shown here with one of her wonderful quilts. Wendy loves colour and wears wonderful colourful outfits every day.

With Wendy's expert tutoring, we learned curved piecing and many other techniques. She encouraged us to develop our own original designs and that was the best part of the course. I must have got a lot out of it as I dreamed the other night that I was to be promoted to the third year of a mysterious Quilt University Course!

It was great fun, but exhausting, and it is a little hard to settle back into the old routine. I've got lots more quilt designs going round in my head and now I know what to do to make them come to life.

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