Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On the Easter weekend I put a bit more time into the Gather ye Rosebuds project. I finished off the face and hands of the figure, and made the sign. The sign was printed on ink jet fabric, and I hand-painted details and shading on the face. When I used to do stained glass with actual glass years ago I would have loved to be able to paint the glass and get it fired, like church stained glass. Fabric paint was a lot easier! This brings back memories of the stained glass window I used to own in the house I used to own! However, I am starting to like the quilt better than the window!

Detail of the face showing the painting. I have only one small leaf to iron on that I fogot to do and then I can quilt all the raw edge applique and have fun with that.

Now - here are some pictures specially for Nola. This is her beautiful double wedding ring quilt which I have just finished quilting. It is all done freehand on the Gammill. There are feathers in every space and lots of "Line Dancing" - a technique I learned from Diana Phillips (USA) at the machine quilters' conference in Mittagong NSW last year.

Nola hasn't seen the actual quilt yet - but I am sure she will love it as much as I do!

Pictures kindly printed with permission of quilt owner, Nola.

Well, it has been a long day so this it is folks! After rounding up an errant male cat who did not come in after dark and had to be found, I am dog tired! (To mix a metaphor or two)

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Marlene said...

beautiful quilting on your wedding ring. I have one booked in for November and hope fully l can do something like what you have done
Job well done
I love your BLOG
Marlene Answer-Lewis