Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today I thought more about the idea of making quilt "books". I thought of all the ways you could make a book from small quilts (about A3 size would be good.) You could use pieces of wood and wing nuts to secure several mini quilts along one edge. You could make a scroll, or a concentina book with ties. You could make a chart of quilts or a portfolio containing little quilts.

I decided to make my unfinished Egypt quilt into a concentina quilt book. It will be stiffened in the back with card, and ties will hold it together. This is great, because I had originally intended to make a large quilt as you go, but now I think a more personal, smaller thing to hold in your hands and look closely at is what I want to do. So out came the UFO box.

I also have another idea to make all my UFO blocks into little quilts with bits added and making them into a book like a carpet or curtain sample book. I could add all sorts of stuff to them. That's a later project.

Now I will add some photos of the bits I've done so far. You'll see later how they progress.

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Tonya R said...

I love your flying cat - what character. The real one (or do both of them look alike?)is gorgeous too. Excellent job on the lotus blossoms as well.

Are you doing the reverse applique by hand or machine?