Sunday, March 12, 2006

koolkats journey 13/3/2006

Here we go - into the Ethernet. Feels like opening the hatch into the great unknown. Scary! This is great because today I am about to start a journaling project to create a series of quilts based on a "little cat diary" I started 5 years ago. It went nowhere, but now I've just been asked to join a small group and we are putting together a project to trial an idea.

Guess this blog might replace or add to the visual diaries that I keep. This page will be a bit boring but I'll try and find a photo to make it more interesting!

Well - I found a photo to get started with. This is part of a work in progress called "Gather Ye Rosebuds". It is based on an Art Nouveau design for a stained glass window. This is one small panel, and I am using a technique where the dark background becomes the black lines. Later, additional black lines will be added. (Daughter Michelle's hand is trialling the shapes). Also, some beads will be added. I plan to finish this piece by September this year.

"Little Cat Diary"
This is my journalling piece of work. I may as well use this blog as my journal. (As well as sketches and photos in my notebook) How did it start? Well, there was a nature show on TV called "Big Cat Diaries" a few years back. I thought about my cats, precious pets, and then I thought about all the cats I have owned (or have owned me) since I was a child. Then I looked through photo albums and realized that the ownership of these pets represented various stages of my life. I wanted to make a series of art works about these experiences, and I remembered funny little anecdotes about each pet.

The idea got shelved and forgotten, but I still had the "Little Cat Diary" although I had only written out a few pages and collected a few photos. I did do one screen print, which I still have. then, when my friend Hetty invited me to join a journalling group to see where creative ideas could go with a small group, it came to me to pick up the little cat idea. Also, I wanted to make a series of 9 - 9 cats, 9 lives, and make it into some sort of book, series of quilts, or whatever, not sure. It could be cloth and paper or both. It could be a rag book, or a book like a book of carpet samples.

Here is a photo of one of my two Burmese cats. (Current pets)

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Marion said...

Wow! Kathy ,you leave me gobsmacked.You certainly are a talent.Looking forward to Saturday.