Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gather ye Rosebuds....
Yesterday I put in quite a few hours on my project "Gather ye Rosebuds". I cut and vliesofixed most of the pieces for the central figure in the design. It was quite fun choosing the colours as I went along. I am really pleased with the overall technique. I was also so pleased that I went to the trouble of designing on computer using Corel Draw. It was painfully slow at times and it took me over a month in my spare time to do it. The end result is a design I can use again, if needed, and it can be scaled up and down to any size, with any size outline. I will use this technique again, and I think having done this quite complex design, anything else will be relatively easy to do.

Here are some pictures of progress to date

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Tonya R said...

Vliesofixed? That's something I've never heard of before. Guessing it's a fuseable product like Wonder-Under. Beautiful work, but boy does it look like a lot of effort. I'm waaaay too lazy for that.